JAMES HARVEY LEHEW, born approximately 1795, married to EVE CLISER on 8-2-1826 in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Eve was born 7-31-1802, died 4-5-1876, daughter of Mathias and Barbara Clizer. Various records show her spelling her last name as CLISOR, even her death records.


1. Rebecca Branson Lehew, born 1827, married Charlie Grubbs 12-25-1855.


---1. Erastus Grubbs, born 10-31-1856, dioed 1-23-1880

---2. Mary B. Grubbs, born 1858, married to John W. C. Kibler

---3. James Lewis Grubbs, born 6-12-1862, died 1-30-1921. Married Sarah Elizabeth Dadisman.


----1. Amiss B. Grubbs, born1-19-1897, died 6-265-1898

---4. Florence Alice Grubbs, born 1864. Married (1) Andrew J. Brumback (2) Hamp C. Cameron

---5. John William Grubbs, born 4-27-1868, died 5-29-1944. Married Hattie Margaret Dadisman


----1. Basil Arthur Grubbs, born 10-15-1894

----2. Earl Lynn Grubbs, born 4-3-1897

----3. Mamie Grubbs, born 1897

----4. Eula Grubbs, born 1901, died 2-11-1997, married J. Grant Reid

----5. Leonard C. Grubbs, born 8-30-1902, died 7-6-1998

----6. Leone Lillian Grubbs, born 8-30-1902, died 9-1-1993. Married Clarke Cecil Huffman.


-----1. Janet Huffman, born 9-10-1930, died 11-7-1991

----8. Ray Huddle Grubbs, born, 8-9-1907, died 2-6-1984, married Evelyn Wilson.

----9. Roy L. Grubbs, born 8-9-1907, mdied 7-22-1974, married Hilda Maxine Karnes

---6. Sarah Blanche Grubbs, born 4-27-1868, died 6-3-1953, married George Douglas Dadisman


----1. Lester Keller Dadisman, born 6-25-1893, died 9-2-1902

----2. Andrew Dadisman, born 5-25-1897, died 11-1978

----3. Ruth Mae Dadisman, born 1904, married to Edward Benton Fox
2. Mary Teresa Lehew, born 1829, married Daniel L. Beahm 12-17-1853


---1. Benjamin Leroy Beahm, born 10-6-1825, died 8-16-1902

---2. Amanda Catherine Beahm, born 11-7-1856, died 11-17-1864

---3. James Ambrose Beahm, born 12-30-1858, died 1-25-1923

---4. Mary Susan Beahm, born 9-20-1861, died 1-13-1887. Married Noah Sours.


----1. James Marvin Sours, born 5-29-1886, died 6-13-1932. Married Carrie M. Smith


-----1. Eva Cornelia Sours, born 5-9-1920, married Lyle Edward Beahm.

---5. Emma Jane Beahm, born 5-2-1864, died 1-10-1958. married to Samuel Luther Batman.


----1. William Elmer Batman, born 9-26-1887, married Angie Ruth Shenk.


-----1. Bernard Elmer Batman, born 6-20-1908, died 10-22-1995

----2. James Franklin Batman, born 10-8-1889, died 10-30-1968, married Eva Judd


-----1. James Franklin Batman II, born 9-16-1920, died 8-15-1983, married Iona Mary Cave.

----3. Zada Pearl Batman, born 4-16-1893

----4. John Samuel Batman, born 9-21-1901, 8-1-1986, married Janette Willis

---6. Martha Belle Beahm, born 7-28-1866, died 1-3-1942. Married Benjamin Levi Judd.


----1. Lloyd Franklin Judd, born 9-13-1895, died 11-8-1957, married Ruth Rickard

----2. Mary Geneva Judd, born 7-20-1898, died 5-13-1901

----3. Lester Levi Judd, born 9-10-1900, died 12-18-1988, married Irene Bell Beahm.

----4. Reva Theresa Judd, born 11-22-1902, died 2-22-1997. Married Floyd Shenk.

---7. Lucy Eve Beahm, born 5-31-1869, married William Lee Judd circa, 1889, died 1902.


----1. Mary Ruth Judd, born 10-1866, married Clyde Littleton Shenk

----2. Oscar Roy Judd, born 5-29-1898, died 6-24-1975. Married Daisy Alice Vaughn.

----3. Estelle Viola Judd, born 4-30-1900, died 10-28-1989, married Walter Clarence Beahm.
3. Elizabeth Ann Lehew, born 1831, married Andrew Jackson Beahm 7-14-1867.

--1. Abraham Harvey Beahm, born 7-27-1868, died 1910. Married to Martha Ann Miller in 1876, died 1951.

Abraham Beahm and Martha Miller Beahm house that they had their three children in, Morningstar District of Page Co. The photo was taken in 1925, the house was built in 1890. People in photo (as written on back of photo): left to right Bradley Waters, Sam Batman, Abram Sours, Estelle Judd, Ruth Judd."The House where we lived by Uncle Sam's cabin...the house where we were born."

----1. William Lee A. Beahm, born 3-1-1894, died 8-22-1973, married Myrtle Boyer

----2. Walter Clarence Beahm, born 1895, died 1988 in Akron, Ohio. Married Viola Estelle Judd in 1915.


-----1. Sue Ann Estelle Beahm, born 1-29-1939, married John Edward McConkey.


------1. Laury Sue McConkey, born 4-19-1960, married Charles Hurstle Hembree.


-------1. Eric Charles Hembree, born 1-15-1990

-------2. Justin Evan Hembree, born 4-8-1993

-----3. Edna Susan Beahm, born 1897, died 1982, married Grover Cleveland Sisk
in 1915.

--2. Emma Jane Beahm, born 1867 (pictured above with her father) , died 4-1935

--3. Andrew Benton Beahm, born 10-17-1868, died 6-6-1936, married Edmonia May Grandstaff.

--4. Susan Mary Ann Elizabeth Beahm, born 2-1-1871, died 4-29-1922, married Samuel Jacob Hubert Beahm.

--5. Thomas Mann Beahm, born 10-5-1872, died 1-22-1944, married Laura Bessie Shenk

Tom Beahm standing on right, bring in hay for the winter, Page County, 1906
--6. Ambrose Wesley Beahm, born 11-21-1873, died 1-20-1942, married Annie Mae Musselman

4. William Branson Lehew, born 1835, died 1902. married Mary Ann Fox on 6-27-1858 in Page County, VA.


---1. Virginia Eugenia Lehew, born 8-26-1862, died 5-22-1901, married Thomas Jefferson Beahm.


----1. Anna Catherine Beahm, born 2-5-1884

----2. Mattie Lee Beahm, born 10-13-1886

----3. Susan Blanche Beahm, born 3-18-1889

----4. Thomas Gilbert H. Beahm, born, 2-12-1891

----5. Bernie Booten Beahm, born 10-13-1892

----6. Issac William Beahm, born 4-22-1895, died 9-5-1990

----7. May Rosey Beahm, born 5-13-1897

----8. Mary Margaret Beahm, born 5-13-1899

----9. Olena Virginia Beahm, born 5-13-1901, died, 3-3-1943, married Elmer Jonah Seal.


-----1. Elmer Paul Seal, born 1-5-1936, died 5-27-1974, married Ethel Mae Rothgeb

---2. Lina Lehew, born 3-4-1866

---3. Florence Catherine Lehew, born 1868, died 1934, married John Washington Kibler (1), John Washington Foley (2).


----1. John Cletus Foley, born 1901, died 8-27-1961, married Velma Louise Mauck.

---4. Issac W. Lehew, 2-18-1869

---5. John Lionel Lehew, born 1873

5. James Ambrose Lehew, born 1837, died 1869, died of the consumption, mentioned in Samuel D. Cliser's letter in http://clisercivilwar.blogspot.com/
6. Susan Lehew, born 1838, died 1868, died of the consumption, mentioned in samuel D. Cliser's letter in http://clisercivilwar.blogspot.com/
7. Sarah Catherine Lehew, born 2-4-1841, married George Thomas Sanford


---1. B. Roberta Sanford, born 1869

---2. Mary Virginia Sanford, born 8-31-1874, died 10-19-1875

---3. Virgie Sanford, born 1877
8. Elizabeth Ann Lehew, born 9-9-1843, died 11-28-1919, married Samuel D. Beahm
9. Amanda Jane Lehew, born 9-30-1846, died 1-3-1905, married John William Moyer


---1. William Hubert Moyer, born, 8-2-1880, married Emily Mae Jewell

---2. Carl L. Moyer, born 5-17-1883, married Flora Virginia Shaffer

---3. Vernon Luther Moyer, born 7-28-1886.

Photo's above from Sue Beahm McConkey and Laury Hembree from Page County History Website:

Nancy Lehew, born 1815, Shenandoah, Virginia. Married to Henry W. Kleiser on 1-9-1855. Henry was born 7-11-1810, died 4-25-1885. Henry & Nancy lived near Mathias & Barbara Cliser. In later years, Henry spelled his name Clizer at Martin Clizer's estate sale. Henry operated a saw mill up on Jerimiahs Run just northeast of Luray, north of Kimball.
Mary C. Kleiser, born 1859, died 4-13-1883



OSCAR ROY JUDD, He was born May 29, 1898. Son of William Judd and Lucy Eve Beahm Judd, Eve Cliser Lehew's great grandson. This picture was taken around 1908. Roy was a very sensitive soul, who had seen much tragedy in his young life. When he was only 4 years old, he lost his mother to childbed fever. And when he was about 7 or 8, he lost his baby half-sister, Nina, when she was only a month old. Roy, as well as his two sisters, Estelle and Ruth, suffered a great loss when they lost their mother and baby sister within a few years of each other. Roy never really recovered completely from it. Notice the sad or haunted look in his beautiful blue eyes. Roy was a very quiet child who stayed to himself. When he grew up, he eventually married a pretty local girl named Daisy Alice Vaughn. They had around five kids, and when Daisy was pregnant with their sixth child, she was killed by a truck that was barreling down the highway that leads through Thornton Gap. She and her kids were taking a hike one day to a relatives house (from Jewell Hollow Rd). And when they crossed the road that comes over the mountain, the truck hit and killed her and her unborn child. The children witnessed this. Roy was never the same after his beloved wife died, and he never remarried. He was unable to take care of his children, and they had to be farmed out to relatives. He lived a fairly lonely life until his death years later. Yet he was a very kind and gentle man. Oscar Roy Judd is also seated on the right in this picture with his family in front yard. Oscar died in 1975.