OSCAR ROY JUDD, He was born May 29, 1898. Son of William Judd and Lucy Eve Beahm Judd, Eve Cliser Lehew's great grandson. This picture was taken around 1908. Roy was a very sensitive soul, who had seen much tragedy in his young life. When he was only 4 years old, he lost his mother to childbed fever. And when he was about 7 or 8, he lost his baby half-sister, Nina, when she was only a month old. Roy, as well as his two sisters, Estelle and Ruth, suffered a great loss when they lost their mother and baby sister within a few years of each other. Roy never really recovered completely from it. Notice the sad or haunted look in his beautiful blue eyes. Roy was a very quiet child who stayed to himself. When he grew up, he eventually married a pretty local girl named Daisy Alice Vaughn. They had around five kids, and when Daisy was pregnant with their sixth child, she was killed by a truck that was barreling down the highway that leads through Thornton Gap. She and her kids were taking a hike one day to a relatives house (from Jewell Hollow Rd). And when they crossed the road that comes over the mountain, the truck hit and killed her and her unborn child. The children witnessed this. Roy was never the same after his beloved wife died, and he never remarried. He was unable to take care of his children, and they had to be farmed out to relatives. He lived a fairly lonely life until his death years later. Yet he was a very kind and gentle man. Oscar Roy Judd is also seated on the right in this picture with his family in front yard. Oscar died in 1975.